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A Half-Day Trip To Xuanhua Old City

One day, while reading about places accessible by a short train journey from Beijing, Xuanhua caught my attention. It's only about an hour b...[More]

Easier Entry Into China

Updated on 07 May 2024: According to the WeChat public account of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on May...[More]

Join-in Tibet Overland Tour

Tibet, a land of mystique and spirituality, has captured the hearts of travelers worldwide. As its popularity grows, so does the cost of exp...[More]

Exploring China with eSIMs

In the past, one of the biggest obstacles for foreigners traveling in China has been internet access. Chinese local SIM cards are hard to ob...[More]

Discovering the Real China: Beyond Perceptions

When it comes to China, perceptions often collide with reality. Let’s delve into what travelers have discovered firsthand, beyond the stereo...[More]


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