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China's Travel Industry Is Recovering

Time: 2020-05-06

China's travel industry is recovering.

During the past 5-day May Day Holiday from 1 to 5 May, about 0.15 billion trips happened. Compared with the 4-day May Day Holiday 2019, it's about 40% decrease, but it is just the beginning and should only get better day by day.

Currently the travel industry is under some special guidances issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. E. g. Only outdoor spots are open, the number of visitors should be within 30% of the maximum capacity, online advance reservation for sightseeing spots is recommended(in fact required by most places and the rest is catching up), 1 meter social distance should be maintained, visitors will spread over the time slots etc. The travel experience should be much more pleasant than before.

Now we can travel freely in China individually but the package travel arranged by travel companies is allowed inside each province only at the moment. The inter-provincial package travel might not be far away. The two most important national meetings will be held in the latter half of May(used to be held every March), when representatives from all over the country will come to Beijing.

Have no clue about Inbound and outbound travel yet. Let's appreciate the fact that we are safe and healthy. And wish for the best to happen.

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