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Spring Is Here!

Time: 2020-03-11

Life is coming back to normal in China. People start to come out to the park to enjoy the sunshine. Very pleased to see Spring is here!

Much respect and a million thanks to those who made this happen: medical staff, community workers, delivery men, volunteers, cleaners, reporters, relevant government employees, sales people at groceries, factory workers etc.

There have been 0 new cases in most parts of China for some days and we expect 0 new (local) cases in all over China by the end of March.

According to CGTN, The last two temporary hospitals in Wuhan were shut down on 10 March afternoon, marking the closure of all 14 temporary hospitals in the city.

We are very sorry to see there are more cases spreading in other parts of the world but we sincerely believe if strict measures are taken and all cases are traced, it will be contained soon. Wishing the virus to die out soon!

Angie Guo - Charmission Travel


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