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A Short Trip To Huangshan

Time: 2020-02-11

From November 10th to 14th, 2019, my colleague Nelly and I had the pleasure of attending the 12th Anhui International Culture and Tourism Festival in Huangshan City. We were grateful for the opportunity to visit the world-renowned Mt. Huangshan and the Hui-style ancient villages.

Traveling by high-speed train is a convenient way to get around China. For our trip to Huangshan City, we chose to take the high-speed train from Zhengzhou in Henan Province. After about 5 hours and covering a distance of around 920 km, we arrived in Huangshan City in Anhui Province. It’s also easy to take the high-speed train to Huangshan City from Beijing (around 6.5 hours) and Shanghai (around 2.5-3.5 hours), which are both major entry cities for foreigners.

The aim of this event was to attract more foreign travel agents to learn about Anhui, especially Mt. Huangshan and the old villages. Our company, Charmission Travel, with many years of experience in inbound tourism, was invited to attend and help promote their beautiful sights and culture to our clients.

After the opening ceremony, we embarked on a 2-day trip to explore Huangshan Mountain and the Hui-style ancient towns of Chengkan village, Tangmo village, Hongcun village, and Lucun village.

Huangshan Mountain is located in the south of China in Anhui Province and is part of the Nanling Mountains. The entire area covers about 1200 square kilometers with the essence of Huangshan scenic area being about 154 square kilometers. It is under the administration of Huangshan City and is famous for its Huangshan pines, odd rocks, sea of clouds, and hot springs.

We also visited the Hui-style ancient towns, including Hongcun Village, known as “a village in a Chinese painting,” as well as Tangmo and Lucun Villages. These villages are unspoiled and non-commercial, with beautiful scenery that is simple yet elegant. The landscape is a harmonious blend of old houses, green hills, and clear creeks. All the buildings follow the local architectural style and feature exquisite carvings and magnificent symbols of their time. We were all deeply captivated by their charm.

In conclusion, we highly recommend adding Mt. Huangshan and the Hui-style towns to your China itinerary. Their beauty is beyond what words and photos can convey. We warmly welcome you to experience it for yourself!

Rita Ju - Charmission Travel


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